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8th July 2008
Colour Confidence offers extra guidance to photographers

Release issued by Colour Confidence:

Free colour management resource newly updated

Birmingham, UK, 8th July 2008 Leading colour management specialist Colour Confidence has announced the publication of a new addendum to its popular Guidance to Digital Photography download.The 60-page PDF document has been requested for download by over 15,000 users since its introduction. However, to reflect changing technology and customer requirements, the Colour Confidence technical team has produced an extensive update to the original guide for the most comprehensive free colour management resource available.

Key areas covered in the Guidance to Digital Photography addendum include:

  • Colour management in a camera RAW workflow The benefits of working in RAW, how to build the right camera profiles for RAW, and what it means for colour management

  • Adobe RGB vs. sRGB The advantages and disadvantages of working in a larger colour space

  • LCD monitors Why LCD monitors are no longer inferior to CRT models for colour critical work; plus some of the key features to look for when selecting a monitor

  • Viewing conditions The difference the right light makes to colour assessment, and how to be sure you are viewing colour accurately

"Our Guidance to Digital Photography is a valuable free resource for colour professionals, and as such it was important to ensure we were providing in-depth, up to date information", comments Simon Prais, Technical Director at Colour Confidence. "After a full review of the original document, it was agreed that a complete overhaul would be a case of fixing something that wasn't broken. By producing an addendum which is available alongside the original, we have improved the range of information on offer without losing anything essential. The format will also allow us to provide further updates as and when necessary, and therefore continue our commitment to the demystification of colour management".

The Guidance to Digital Photography addendum and the original download are both available free of charge from



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Colour Confidence offers extra guidance to photographers

DPNow Colour Confidence offers extra guidance to photographers
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