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3rd June 2008 combines products for photographers to produce his own albums

OPUSalbums.Com Brings Together Three Leading Companies To Provide A Full Package In Print-Your Own Photo Albums, a leading supplier of print-your-own photo album software and supplies has brought the products three leading companies together to provide a comprehensive package for the professional photographer and serious amateur who wishes to produce his own albums.

Innova Art Ltd is an award winning manufacturer of digital art and photographic papers.  The FibaPrint range has become the standard for digital photographic work.

Unibind is a leader in photo-book systems.  Users have a small binding machine and are able to produce heat bound books in single or multiple quantities.  Users can configure their covers in a variety of sizes, styles and colours.

PXLSoft’s dg Foto Art is the leading software for the design of wedding and celebratory albums.  Complementing its industry leading “Gold” version, “Essentia” provides a very easy to use and economical package for professional and amateur users.

Daniel Roberts, Director of said “Having established ourselves in the business of home and studio printed photographic albums, our new OPUS PhotoBook range will provide photographers with a comprehensive package to produce excellent books quickly in house.  User acceptance of our introductory offerings has been excellent.” is a web based enterprise in the Incartek Group.  Its products include the Innova Art range of digital photographic papers, the OPUS PhotoArt and Print&Bind albums and a range of software from PXL and ACD systems.  It is also a leading supplier of creative papers such as the photo-accordion.

Unibind is a worldwide manufacturer of binding machines and supplies.

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DPNow combines products for photographers to produce his own albums
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