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19th February 2008
Ricoh announce release of the R50
Release issued by Ricoh:

New compact digital camera the R50

Featuring a 10 megapixel CCD and a 5x optical zoom, this compact digital camera attaches a great deal of importance to portability

Tokyo, Japan February 19, 2008 Ricoh Co., Ltd. announced today the release of a new compact digital camera the R50 that features a high-resolution 10 megapixel CCD, a 5x optical zoom (36mm 180mm in 35mm camera format) and pays particular attention to portability.

The new R50 is a digital camera with a compact body that measures 97.3(W)56.3(H)23.4(D)mm and makes it easy to carry.
This user-friendly camera features scene functions that can be used in a wide variety of shooting conditions, enabling anyone to easily take beautiful images. It is equipped with 15 differing scene functions such as a sports function which captures the split-second movement of a fast-moving subject, a cosmetic function which enhances the skin tone of a subject and the still image with audio function that lets the user add a voice memo to the shot.

Main features of R50

  1. A 10 megapixel CCD that gives high quality photographs.
    Enables the production of beautiful pictures even when printed large or trimmed.
  2. A compact body housing a 5x optical zoom equivalent to the 36 to 180mm zoom lens.
    This highly portable camera with a compact body measuring 97.3(W)56.3(H)23.4(D) mm camera also houses a 5x optical zoom lens.
  3. 15 differing scene functions making it simple for anyone, even those unfamiliar with the intricacies of a camera, to easily take beautiful pictures.
    • The sports function captures the split-second movement of a fast-moving subject.
    • The cosmetic function can be used to enhance the skin tones of the subject.
    • The still image with audio function allows a voice memo to be attached to a still image.
    • The portrait function enhances the three-dimensional feel of the subject by blurring the background. (With face chaser function)
    • The lamp function enables photograph in low-light conditions.
    • The best shot function allows 4 successive still images to be captured as the exposure changes.
    • Monochrome and sepia functions give photographs a nostalgic feel, and other functions.
  4. Sequential shots mode
    • One push of the shutter button allows the user to take successive pictures. Convenient for those wishing to check the form of their golf or tennis swing.
  5. Video recording using the video clip recording mode.
    • Possible to record images other than still photography.

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Ricoh announce release of the R50

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