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3rd March 2007
PMA 2007 DPNow will be there as usual
by Ian Burley

Viva Las Vegas as PMA returns to Nevada after two years in Florida

It's almost PMA time again, time for the biggest annual photo trade show in the world, this year being held in Las Vegas. Only Germany's Photokina show is bigger, though this event only takes place every other year. PMA (originally the Photo Marketers Association) is back in Vegas after two years in Orlando, Florida. This will be the fifth PMA show DPNow has covered and we're doing this slightly differently compared to previous years.

Las Vegas

But one thing that continues is our PMA show team-up with Mark Goldstein at Photographyblog. Mark and I will be trawling the show for interesting news for the third PMA running.

DPNow PMA show news and reports RSS news feed

First of all, you can keep up with our from-the-show-floor reports and all the news from PMA via a specially dedicated DPNow PMA RSS feed. If you need to manually enter the RSS feed address into your RSS service, it is:

Otherwise, your web browser may already by flagging up the availability of our PMA feed via this page.

PMA discussion forum

We've also opened up a special DPNow PMA discussion forum board. Here you you can find, and discuss, the latest news releases and live show reports we'll be posting from the show, direct from Las Vegas. …

PMA article index

As usual, we have a special PMA article index. It's already bursting with pre-show news. And we also have a few more surprises up our sleeves that will be revealed over the next few days…

Show surprises?

So what's going to be big at PMA? Such is the nature of our internet-enabled world, these days, that much of the news readied for PMA 2007 has already been announced. Canon and Panasonic Lumix, for example, have already pre-announced all their new products and have told me that they will not be revealing anything further until after PMA. The question is, will the likes of Pentax, Nikon, Samsung and Olympus have anything more to offer after announcing various compact digital camera models since the new year?

Nikon has a relatively fresh DSLR line up, punctuated by the D40 model launched just a couple of months back. But all their D-series designs are rather conventional. Could Nikon surprise with something out of the ordinary at PMA? We'll just have to wait and see.

Sigma will, undoubtedly, be showing new and updated lenses and there will be considerable attention focussed on the repeatedly-delayed SD-14 DSLR featuring Foveon X3 sensor technology. Sigma surprised us all with the appearance of a new, large sensor, compact camera at Photokina, so maybe Sigma will have some more surprises up their sleeve for PMA?

Photokina, nearly 6 months ago, was the venue for the introduction of the latest, and closely-related, DSLR models from Pentax and Samsung. Both companies have promised more new lenses and we should see some of the products of these pledges at PMA.

The worst-kept secret is that Olympus will, practically, re-launch its E-System DSLR effort at the show. Olympus showed a mock-up of its proposed pro-spec. DSLR last year at Photokina and the expectation is that a working prototype will be shown at PMA. There are plenty of rumours concerning new consumer-grade DSLRs, not least from financial press coverage in Japan.

PMA to highlight trends

Away from cameras, I'll be on the look out for interesting trends at the show. 2007 is set to be the year of the digital photo frame and the DIY photo book, for example. In the software arena it will be interesting to see how Apple and Adobe shape up in the Aperture vs. Lightroom digital workflow contest, with Microsoft playing catch-up with its iView product purchased last year.

And let's not forget that there are a lot of smaller companies exhibiting at PMA each year. I'll be making an extra effort to discover interesting and unique products and services among these more compact organisations.

PMA starts, officially, on Thursday, 8th March, but the press get a preview of many exhibitors' wares the day before. I'll be at the show until it closes on Sunday, 11th March, filing reports each day.

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PMA 2007 – DPNow will be there as usual

DPNow PMA 2007 – DPNow will be there as usual
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