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25th December 2006 Picture of the Day, 25th Dec 2006
by Ian Burley

Robin, by Pops:

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It's Christmas day and today's DPNow Picture of the day was an easy choice. Taken by Pops (real name; Paul), another rising star on the DPNow forum and gallery, what we have here is a delightful picture of a traditional (European) robin, popular referred to as a robin 'red breast', one of the most enduring of Christmas symbols.

Paul says: Personal stuff prevents me from getting out much hence most of my photography is done in my own garden or indoors. I work at attracting birds and insects into the garden and it pays off. I spend an hour or so each morning in the same spot, (seated just inside my shed) and again most afternoons. 

"And then it's a matter of patience. I usually manage a minimum of 50/60 shots per day but this one was special. He rewarded my patience by staying in one spot for at least a full minute which is very unusual for any small bird."

A Canon EOS-400D with a big Sigma 170-500mm telephoto zoom was used to snap our obliging Robin. A remarkable affinity with his garden wildlife has been forged by Paul: "I like to think that they are getting to know me, I'm certainly getting to know them. The bad weather doesn't stop them visiting the feeders so I don't let it stop me going out there."

Robin, by Pops:

Robin, by Pops

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The original of this picture was a bit of a star in a recent wildlife challenge thread on the DPNow forum. A bit of retouching was encouraged and the picture on this page is the improved result.

Paul adds: "I took early retirement in 1996 to become a full time carer for my wife. It was then that I took up photography. I got lots of help from forums (I came across Stephen and Pol in another forum years back and they have both been particularly helpful).

There is no shortage of pictures to view in Paul's gallery here on DPNow. Would you like to have a chance of being picked for a DPNow POTD? All you need to do is exhibit your pictures on the free DPNow photo gallery and maybe we'll be in touch!

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