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2nd December 2005
21.7MP Mamiya monster DSLR ships
by Ian Burley

Mamiya releases 21.7 megapixel digital SLR

Mamiya has formally announced the release of its long-awaited ZD medium format digital SLR. The Mamiya ZD, which has a 48x36mm (twice the area of a 35mm full frame sensor, 4:3 aspect ratio) CCD sensor made by the Canadian firm, Dalsa.

The Mamiya ZD was first announced at the beginning of this year and had its debut, in prototype form, outside Japan at the Birmingham-based Focus in Imaging show back in March.

Japan-based DPNow reader, Yoshi, posted early details from the Japanese announcement yesterday on the DPNow discussion forum.

Yoshi reports that the 21.7 megapixel beast will sell for 1.3 million Yen, or about US$11,000, or 6,400, though there is a special offer, in Japan at least, bundling an 80mm f.2.8 standard lens, worth 65,000 Yen or about US$540, or 312.
Compare that with typical checked prices, below, for a Canon EOS 1Ds Mark II body with PriceGrabber USA and PriceGrabber UK

For the techno-savvy reader, an interesting design aspect of the Mamiya ZD is that you can remove the low pass filter (used in most digital camera to blur the image projected onto the sensor chip slightly to avoid digital aliasing effects) if you wish. The filter is fitted and removed using a special dust-proof cartridge, which sounds rather like how you change the film in a plate camera.

Mamiya has now provided in depth details about its new flagship at its home site.

Tell us what you think about the new Mamiya ZD on our news discussion forum. Is the ZD the ultimate high resolution digital SLR or a digital dinosaur?

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