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20th September 2005
Kodak EasyShare One digital camera hands on first looks review
by Ian Burley

The new Kodak EasyShare One boasts firsts in consumer digital camera wireless connectivity and touch screen capability. We've been using the camera and it's impressive!


The Kodak-branded card poking out of the top of the EasyShare One is an SDIO wireless network adapter.

There is a lot to say about the new Kodak EasyShare One camera and Kodak's dedicated EasyShare Gallery support for this camera. We've had a chance to use one and it certainly advances the digital photography experience significantly, though we'll reserve full judgment until we get a retail sample to test.


Here the EasyShare One starts to reveal its secrets, including a massive three inch screen that is touch sensitive

Wireless and touch screen firsts
The new Kodak EasyShare One is a landmark camera that makes two impressive claims for fame in the digital camera world. First, ignoring low resolution camera-enabled phones and PDAs, the EasyShare One is the first mass-market consumer digital stills camera to be equipped with wireless networking connectivity and, secondly, it's the first mainstream camera to feature a large touch sensitive screen.

Enhanced Kodak EasyShare Gallery service
But just as important, Kodak has built dedicated support for the EasyShare One via its online EasyShare Gallery photo storage, sharing and print ordering service. This means that within seconds of taking a photo using your EasyShare One camera, it can be transferred to an online web gallery ready for friends and associates to view and even print, if you have enabled this option.

Wirelessly email, print and share direct from the camera
You can also email reduced size versions of photos directly from your camera and print wirelessly via Kodak's new wireless-enabled dye-sub printer docks. In theory, though we weren't able to test this, as standard 802.11b wireless networking is supported you should be able to connect an EasyShare One camera up to your home or business wireless network.

Introductory free public wireless connectivity offer
For public wireless access, Kodak has teamed up with various wireless hotspots service providers around the world and is offering free connectivity in some areas for EasyShare One users until the end of this year. Subsequently, new customers will get one month's free trial use of wireless hotspots through partner networks. In the UK, this will be via the T-Mobile network.

On the next page of this article we take an illustrated look at the camera itself and this is followed by some sample pictures from the camera and, finally, you can examine the camera's detailed specifications.

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