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15th February 2005
Konica Minolta Dynax 7D Firmware 1.10e Update and release DiMAGE Transfer for Remote Storage
Release Issued by Konica Minolta:

Konica Minolta releases new Firmware for Dynax 7D Digital SLR.

As part of our continuing support of our entire product portfolio Konica Minolta provides Firmware version 1.10e for users of the Dynax 7D.

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Improvements installed with version 1.10e
1. Remote Storage Function added for use in combination with Free of Charge DiMAGE Transfer Software.
2. Improved access speed to Memory Card*. This improvement shortens the write time to the memory card and increases USB data output transfer speed. *Improvement variable according to memory card specification.
3. Switching to Magnification display function added from Histogram Display and Index Display in Playback mode.
4. Luminance Limit display function activated when Instant Playback with Image and Histogram is selected.
5. "No memory card" warning indication improved.
6. Removal of the following problems:
- External flash fires at full power in exceptional cases.
- Camera freezes after self-timer capture in exceptional cases.

Konica Minolta produces the Dynax 7D in three variants according to the continent or country the camera is available within. This also alters the Firmware suffix identification used. Firmware suffix versions cannot be overwritten or interchanged.

Region Body Title Firmware Suffix
Europe and Others Dynax 7D "e"
Americas Maxxum 7D "u"
Japan Alpha 7D "j"

This new Firmware together with the new DiMAGE Transfer to enable remote storage and viewing of data immediately after capture from the Dynax 7D to a personal computer via USB will be provided Free of Charge via our customer support website on Monday 14th February 2005.

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