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15th September 2004
Dpnow Mark III has arrived
by Ian Burley

Welcome to the third-generation Digital Photography Now

If you're a previous visitor to Digital Photography Now (dpnow), hopefully, you'll have noticed that everything's changed. You're looking at our fresh new-look site design, which went live today. The new-look dpnow arrives at an interesting time, with the big Photokina Show just two weeks away.


It's been three years and one month, to within a day, since dpnow first launched back on Friday, 13th August, 2001. Back then the project was a leap into the unknown. Today, dpnow receives several hundred thousand visitors a month. My wife, Julia, has joined me to work on dpnow full time and we have a merry band of co-workers supporting the development and maintenance of the site.

Time for a change
Much of the simple basic look of the site I devised back then has survived until now. I'm no graphic design expert, so I’m sure you will agree the new design, by professional Web designer Shim Young, devised to look nicer and work better, is a long overdue enhancement.

Improvements to pages, apart from a better, more professional, look include much improved alternative browser compatibility, the ability to print out pages without losing the last few words of each sentence, plus improvements to site navigation.

Big screens
The changes we have implemented today mean we can also make better use of the space in your browser to accommodate better content for you. The old site was designed to fit safely inside an 800x600 display, but we have been surveying the screen sizes that dpnow visitors have at their disposal and today over half use screens of 1024 pixel width resolution.

Just 12.6% have screens smaller than 1024 pixels wide, 36.5% enjoy screen resolutions larger than 1024 pixels wide and the largest display size recorded by (several!) lucky visitors was a monumental 2560 pixels in width, enough to display an un-resized five megapixel photo.

And there is more to come
A radical change to the look and feel of the site has been introduced today, but this is only the start. Numerous clever things you can't see have been built in to the custom development of our publishing engine by our technical guru, Sean Sollé, that will enable us to add exciting new functionality over the next few months.

You may notice that most, but not all, dpnow pages wear the new look. We have been able to apply the new dpnow look to existing content authored since we moved to our more powerful database-driven publishing engine back in February last year. So, for the time being, discussion forum and articles older than February 2003 will not benefit from the new design.

Although we are very excited to reveal the new-look dpnow today, we are aware that there will be some teething troubles that need to be fixed so if you see anything that looks slightly weird, please don't panic – we're probably aware of it, but do please feel free to drop us a line to report any site anomalies you have come across.

We’re always pleased to hear from you – if you have any comments, even critical as long as they are constructive, please get in touch.

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